Free Makeup Samples

free makeup samplesAlthough cosmetic offers seem to have flourished along with the growing popularity of the world wide web, makeup samples seem to be a bit more elusive for many of us.

There are quite a few theories as to why these company handouts are a little bit harder to come by than many other types of beauty freebies, it really doesn’t matter… After all, if you are looking for cosmetic freebies, do you really care why they are hard to find… No, you just know that it will take a little bit more work to find them.

This is why I suggest that you book mark this site. I am a beauty supply buff, I am obsessed with makeup and this fits well with my other obsession, get things without being charged. When you combine these two passions, you get complimentary cosmetics and makeup.

What is this site all about? I am constantly searching online for freebies and other great deals. There are literally thousands of these types of samples online, believe it or not. This particular blog will be a sort of online journal of all of my complimentary finds. Take a look around and grab some of these offers for yourself.

What Can You Expect From These Offers?

free makeupAlthough I consider myself a rather good complimentary cosmetics gatherer, so to speak, this is a free service. This means that I am providing all of the information on this site free of charge. What does this mean? I don’t want to hear any complaining… Cosmetic freebies do not last forever. As a matter of fact the more popular complimentary beauty supplies tend to go very, very quickly, so if you come across a link that is no longer valid, don’t complain… Shoot me an email and I will adjust the post.

Aside from that short disclaimer, what can you expect to find here? You will notice that I post fairly regularly. All of the makeup products that I list are genuine and won’t cost you a penny. The negative thing that you will find from the information that I provide are “bad links”. These are links to makeup samples that have expired and are no longer valid. Other than that, enjoy all of the free cosmetics.

What Can You Do To Help?

Yes, this blog is absolutely costless, however, if you find that I have provided you with a ton of complimentary products and you would like to help the “causes”, you can. No, I do not want your money! All I ask is that if you come across a beauty sample that is not already listed here, email me so that I can post it and share it with everyone else. This will help to build the site and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Think about how many offers we could get our hands on if everyone took a little time and contributed.

As I mentioned before, you can also help by letting me know when certain links expire so that I can update them. This will help to save everyone a lot of time when navigating the site and searching for these products. Though it may be a bit annoying to visit a site with an offer that is no longer active, monitoring and editing all of my posts can be near impossible without a little help.

When Will There Be New Listings?

makeupLike I stated previously, cosmetic freebies are a little bit harder to come by than many other types of offers. I will add new listings as I come across them. There is no way of telling exactly how often this will be. It could be more than once a day or even once a week. The best way to stay in touch is to either bookmark this site or add it to your online reader. This way you can check for new freebies often and be one of the first to request them. This will also help to assure that you will get your hands on these items before the run out. You can find a list of all the newest cosmetic samples on the Free Makeup Samples Without Surveys page of this site. Please keep in mind that I have little to no control about how many offers are made available on a daily basis. It can be hard enough locating regular freebies each and every day but if you are looking for a specific type, in this case beauty supplies, the search becomes very challenging.

A Few Helpful Tips

I have decided to add a few tips that might help you find these on your own. These tips are very simple and you should have no trouble using them to find your own freebies. I will continuously add more tips as I discover them.

  • One of the best places to find these types of offers is on the websites of the manufacturer that makes them. These cosmetic companies use freebies to help entice new customers and increase sales. That’s great for them, all we care about is the complimentary cosmetics.
  • Try signing up for various customer appreciation clubs that these cosmetic companies offer. This will help you keep up to date with the latest free samples.
  • Years ago people would mail various companies requesting coupons and samples. These days it’s a much easier task. You not longer need an envelope, paper or a stamp. Simply contact these companies via email or the contact page on their sites.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy all of the listings!

Keeping These Offers Around For A Long Time To Come

Truth be told, we all love getting things for free! Those that frequent this site especially love getting freebies of makeup. As I have mentioned before, there is a very good reason why there are so many free cosmetic offers available on the world wide web and that reason is that it is one of the best possible ways to increase user awareness of certain beauty products. Various cosmetic manufactures, both big and small, are using these free samples to help increase consumer awareness of their newest product lines.

They do this not because they love giving things away for free but because this form of advertising works when it comes to increasing sales of newer products and getting the word out, so to speak. Freebies may cost money, but it is nothing compared to other, more mainstream forms of advertising like, television and magazine ads. Now I don’t know about you but I love these types of freebies and would love for them to continue using this type of advertising for years to come. After all, would you rather watch a commercial about the newest lip gloss, or try it out for yourself?

The reason why I bring this up is because there are certain things that can be done on our end, as consumers, to help make sure that these companies continue to provide us with makeup samples for years to come. Simply put, we should not take advantage of the system. Below you will find a few things that some of you may be doing which will lessen the likelihood that free samples of makeup will last.

free samples of makeup

1. Order multiple free samples using a different address or name. Though you may be able to get your hands on a few more freebies by doing this, in the long run, if enough people do it, the companies that are putting out these items will see that they are becoming less effective and may very well stop producing them all together. You have to remember that though there have always been free samples of various products, the internet has made the process of getting samples much easier. In fact, free product sample popularity has only really grown noticeably over the last few years. This basically means that many companies are still testing this form of advertising and if they do not see it as profitable, they will stop. When companies no longer feel that freebies are worth their time, we will no longer be able to try out various products before we buy them.

2. Ordering complimentary items when you have no interest in the product at all. Look, if you do not use, or like, lipstick, don’t request a freebie. You are never going to use the sample and you will definitely never buy it. Doing this, on a larger scale, can have the same effect as ordering multiple offers. Though it is quite true that these offers do not come with a disclaimer that you need to make a purchase in the future, you should try and think of the big picture. While you may be stacking these freebies now, how will you feel when they are no longer available?

3. Not buying the products. As I mentioned before, there are no requirements associated with truly complimentary beauty supplies but you really should only try out freebies that you think that you may want to buy in the future. This does not mean that you can’t go about trying out samples of products that you think you may like or that you should purchase a product that you didn’t actually like, it simply means that you should be sampling products that you might consider purchasing.

4. Take the time to let them know you appreciate the effort. Though the old saying, “It’s the thought that counts”, makes absolutely no impact on a company’s bottom line but it might show them that their campaigns are impacting the public. Producing these offers are not just a company’s way of helping to increase future sales but also to build brand awareness. Even if you never by one of their products, maybe the word of mouth that your sampling produces will have a positive effect.

5. If you can’t buy share. If you can not purchase a product that you have sampled, share it. Whenever you come across one of these offers that you find to be exceptional, let the public know. This is something that can easily be accomplished using sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Though you may think that grabbing all the offers you can is not going to change a thing, after all you are only one person, if enough people do this, these companies will eventually stop putting out samples and that is something that I am sure non of us ever want to see happen. Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you decide to take part in the cosmetic sampling process.